Structural analysis integrated with interiors and engine room design, aiming to minimize weights and optimize interior spaces, and simultaneously comply with the most important standards and classification rules such as: ISO12215, RINa Rules for pleasure and commercial yachts, and for HSC, MCA – LY3. Drawings and reporting for classification.
Hydrostatics & load cases development, linking items to bill of materials in order to budget or control costs, as well as the centre of gravity position. Weight study and load conditions evaluation. Weights monitoring during construction for project and process validation. Stability calculations and booklets.
Machinery arrangement & system development, aiming to optimize interior space, mounting process, and weights distribution. The target is a complex final product that must be functional, safe, and easy to inspect and maintain at the same time, as well as compliant with regulatory.
We turn ideas in manufacturable products making use of our combined experience in both design and production of yachts. We believe that the economic and financial well-being of the company and the quality of the finished product strongly depend on the optimization of the assembly process. This is why we develop each component of the yacht using 3D software, studying their mutual interference, the assembly, the maintenance and the final look, taking the technologies adopted by the shipyard’s suppliers as constraints or strengths and helping them to find new ones. In the executive phase of the project we are therefore able to provide the millable mathematics for the production of the molds by milling with numerical control machines, the composite lamination books in compliance with CE requirements and the assembly instructions of all components.

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