NAYE is a team of professionals operating in the fields of yachting and design, born in 2012 from the dream of some young architects and engineers who shared the passion for the sea and boats. After the first consulting and design services, NAYE decides to fully develop its own project, from market survey to the production and the sale of an innovative motor boat to be mass-produced.
In 2017 NAYE S.r.l. was founded, an innovative start-up company that was funded by the Regione Siciliana for the construction of the molds of a ten meters motor boat, currently under construction. In the meantime, NAYE is keeping providing consultancy and design services for shipyards and owners, it also deals with design in a broader sense, sometime going beyond the boundaries of yachting.
The Company also collaborates with many owners and offers a wide choice of sailing and motor yachts available for charter to the Aeolian Islands and throughout the Mediterranean.

Founder and Director of NAYE
Chief Engineer
Product & Compliance Engineer
3D Specialist & Video Maker

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